Culture & Region

Destinations in the region


Glass Way of the Cross with Ulrichskirche in Bad Erlach: cultural highlight in 5 km

Rosengarten Pitten

Pitten Rose Garden: cultural highlight in 7 km


Bergkirche Pitten: cultural highlight 7 km

Wiener Neustadt: historic emperial city in 7 km

Burg Seebenstein: cultural highlight in 11 km

Burg Forchtenstein: cultural highlight in 11 km

Aviaticum Wiener Neustadt: aviation museum in 13 km

Türkensturz near Seebenstein: cultural highlight and hiking area in 14 km

Hohe Wand: Nature park, paradise for hikers, climbers and children in 26 km

Schneeberg: Highest mountain in Lower Austria – additionally accessible by cog railway in 30 km

Automobile museum Aspang: Destination in 30 km

Eisenstadt: State capital of Burgenland and historical place (Esterházy, Haydn) in 34 km

Baden: Spa town, city theater, summer arena and casino in 35 km

Franz Liszt house in Raiding: birth house in 37 km

Myrafälle: Family experience waterfalls in 38 km

Mönichkirchen: Hiking and skiing area with summer roller coaster in 39 km

Rax: Hiking paradise in 40 km

Semmering: Mountain with historic elements, ski area, with bike park and hiking area in 40 km

Familypark Neusiedlersee: Amusement park in 42 km

Stuhleck: Ski and hiking area in 45 km

Sopron: Hungarian city, formerly Ödenburg in 46 km

Neusiedler See: Steppensee and Mörbisch festival venue on Lake Neusiedl in ab 47 km

Laxenburg Palace Park in 49 km

Höllental: Historical destination with a nostalgia train in 50 km

Seegrotte Hinterbrühl:
Nature park, geological formations in 53 km

Vienna: Federal capital with
numerous sights (Schönbrunn Palace, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Hofburg, Belvedere Palace, various museums, Tiergarten, Vienna Prater) in 55 km

Designer Outlet Parndorf: Shopping pleasure in 70 km